Air Purifier | How to Maintain Pet Allergen-Free Air


Do You Have Cute, Cuddly Pets at Home?

Pets at home make your feel pampered and relaxed despite your stressful work and schedules, but not the fur that they shed which causes dander and allergens.

Studies have shown that one out of ten Americans is affected by animal allergies, and many American households have at least one pet with them. Of course, you cannot just throw out your pet to be free from allergens. How can you still ensure clean air in your home even if your pets are living inside with you?

Pet Dandar on the Bed

Here Are Five Things Your Can Do to Help You with This Struggle:

1. Use Pet Air Purifier for Allergens

Pet air purifiers help you keep your home free from pet allergens. It pulls the invisible micro particles in the air into it and filters the particles to ensure a cleaner air in your interior. It is highly recommended to use the High Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) type of air purifiers as they prove to capture microorganisms from pet fur and dander.

EnviroKlenz Mobile air purifier for allergies can help you with ensuring clean air in your house, free of pet dander and allergens.

2. Clean Your Carpet Often

Get an Air Purifier for Your Furry Dander Filled FriendsNo matter how good your pet air purifier can be, it will surely help ensure that our interior is clean if you vacuum clean your carpets often. Animal dander and fur tend to get stuck on carpets because of the texture and material these carpets are made. Make sure to always keep your carpets and carpeted floors clean.

3. Mop Floors and Wipe Walls and Windows

Pet dander and fur don’t fall on just a specific place. It spreads and sticks anywhere and everywhere, even on walls and floors. Mop your floor with a damp cloth and detergent at about twice a week. For your walls, have it cleaned even at least every three months. Putting anti-bacterial cleaners on you damp cloth also helps a lot in ensuring clean flooring and walls.

4. Wash Linens and Pillow Cases Often

How you love cuddling with your pet dog! Everyone loves to think their pet is the fluffy and cuddly love of their life. They surely are, but their dander and allergens are not. They stick in your bed sheets and pillow cases and sofas. If you let these allergens stay in your sitting and sleeping mats, even if you don’t have previous allergies, this may in time affect your respiratory system. So make sure you’re sleeping not only on a fragrant bed, but on a clean one free from allergens.

5. Bathe and Groom Your Pets Regularly

Your pets shed off fur daily, and dander spreads in the air around your house as well. Wash your pets regularly. This helps lessen dander in their bodies. Wipe their coats with a microfiber cloth. Dampening the cloth also helps in removing pet dander. Brush their hair outside the house to remove fur that is about to be shed off. In these ways, you can minimize pet hair and dander that enter your house even if they are inside.


You can both enjoy quality time with your pets at home and at the same time ensure clean air. Be sure to get a pet air purifier for allergens and maintain the cleanliness of your home, free from harmful pet allergens.

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