Are Breast Enhancement Pills Safe?

It boosts a woman’s self-esteem having good looking breast. That is why breast enhancement pills have been on the bucket list of a lot of women today.

But how much do they know these pills? Aside from its beautiful benefits, what are the cons? Are they too good to be true? Don’t these pills have side effects, too?

The answer is yes, breast enhancement pills do have side effects. It is better not to take them than to gain larger breasts but suffer the consequences.

One of the main components of breast enhancement supplements is nucleoproteins. These nucleoproteins reduce the estrogen levels of your body. When this happens, there is the growth of the bust line and an increase in fat cells. There is also a swelling and developing of the connective tissues. It is through this that breasts grow in size and look firmer.

There are also other natural ingredients added to these pills. Though these ingredients have their so-called benefits, their side-effects, on the other hand, are propagandized. Some of these ingredients are the blessed thistle, damiana leaf, saw palmetto, damiana leaf, fennel, l-tyrosine, dong quay, fenugreek
seeds, etc.

Even after getting the desired results, many medical experts and healthcare professionals say that breast enhancement pills have a harmful effect on the body, noting that these pills can even result in adverse side effects.

Side Effects of Breast Enhancement Supplements

Breast enhancement supplements that are claimed herbal may not work for other women, and may even create a bigger problem. Here are some of the side effects of breast enhancement supplements.

1. An Affected Prescribed Medication

When taking breast enhancement supplements while having another medication for an ailment, the prescribed medication may not be as effective as it should have been to you. This may be because of the herbal ingredients which prevent the effects of the medication.

2. Breast Cancer

There is an increased number of breast cancer cases to those who use breast enhancement supplements. Phytoestrogens are suspected to be the triggering factor in the growth of cancerous cells in breasts. Don Quai, one of the main ingredients in these pills has been found to be active in developing cancerous cells.

3. Skin Allergies

The pills may have gone heavy processes that may cause itchiness, rashes, and other allergies on your skin.

4. Estrogen Enhancement

The herbs present in breast enlargement supplements mimic the functions of estrogen in the body. However, This mimicry cannot be combined with the natural effects, as estrogen is then affected, causing a woman to be vulnerable to nausea, headache, vomiting, and rapid mood swings.

5. Weight Gain

This is to due fluctuations of estrogen in the body, causing problems with weight gain on women.

These breast enhancement supplements claim to be effective. However, there is to proof about the authenticity of such claim. So before getting too hooked by the benefits the pills can give you, be aware, too, of the adverse side effects of these pills and consequences that you might become victimized by, which might even give you problem rather than an opportunity.