I wanted to travel to see the raw source of every ingredient I could, including all the sub-ingredients, going back to wherever anything came from the ground, as well as where things were processed.  I regret that I didn’t see absolutely every spot, but the places I did see are vivid in my mind to this day, they were so impressive. Here are a few snapshots, just for fun (they look best in the slide show,  which starts when you click on the image just below, but you can also enlarge any photo by double-clicking on it).  Unfortunately, I was at the mercy of my hosts and guides for pictures of me, and in most places, cameras weren’t allowed.  I would have loved to shoot a video at the plant where they break 7,000,000 eggs a day.  But this gives you an idea of where Twinkies’ ingredients come from.


Location Shots


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                         Fox News Live, with Jon Scott

                                   March 12, 2007

(No, he did not eat the Twinkies as planned, but the     stagehands stole half of them.) Also showing:  a jar of polysorbate 60 and the three rocks that go into baking powder.